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Pilates and Yoga Oh My!

As I mentioned in my first blog post, I started pilates just about 20 years ago. The thought of that just makes me pause. Twenty years!!! I started doing pilates to help with my posture. I had no idea how far I would go with it. I am often asked, "Pilates is like yoga, right?" Well, yes....and no. It's funny, you would think I would be able to answer that better, but it is tough to do on the spot. I am not a yoga instructor, so I can't get into the details of how they are different, but I can say they are not the same. How's that for a response? Oh, and if you want to use the answer "Oh, they are both mind-body exercises", you would be correct. However, all workout formats are mind- body exercises, so that isn't quite the right answer. I can tell you both are good for you and will serve you well.

This brings me to one of my favorite workouts to teach. PiYo. You might think it is pilates and yoga combined. It's not. It's its own thing. It is pilates and yoga inspired so you will recognize some elements of each infused into the workout. I have almost 40 workouts that include eleven segments each. I can teach the class as it was given, or mix and max them to create my own unique class. The combinations are endless. There are many reasons why I love to teach this format, so how about I name just a few...

  1. It includes exercises from my first true love of exercise, pilates. The section title "Core and More" incorporates many of the classic pilates ab series exercises, and then throws in other fun things for the "more".

2. Musicality! I debated on including this as my number one reason. It probably shares it with pilates. Put pilates to music and I am hooked. I mentioned in my musicality post that I am just a music person. Working out to a beat is so much more fun for me than just counting reps.

3. The stretching! Stretching is included throughout the entire workout. Yes, you very well may feel muscle soreness the day after doing PiYo, but you probably won't feel "tight". The "Flow" and "Stretch and Strengthen" sections are particularly good at making sure you stretch throughout your workout. The "Flow" section includes more dynamic type stretches including "flip the dog" you see below. You can look up how to properly stretch and you will find many different answers. Many people say dynamic is the way to go. Others will tell you to hold stretch for at least 30 seconds. I actually give the option to hold many of these stretches instead of moving through them so you can really target the class to your own needs. Bottom line, just stretch, mkay?

4. Repetition. We don't just do one move and never do it again. The exercises repeat themselves and pretty soon you are moving right along to the beat as if you have been doing the routine for months. I have heard some people say, "Well, I'm not dancey". I think they mean they think they don't have rhythm? I'm not sure. My response is you do NOT need to be a dancer or have any type of dance training (ahem, like me) to successfully do this class. I promise you will be sweating after just a few minutes but won't even realize it because you are having so much fun.

Want to give it a try????? Sure you do!

I was holding virtual PiYo Live classes when gyms shut down in March. I continued to teach them until I fractured my ankle in August. Well, I am healed now and will be starting them up again. I will hold the first one this Friday, December 11th at 5:30 PM. Go to my Facebook page for more information! When you are there, request to join my group and you will be all in the know about any virtual classes.

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