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My Busted Ankle

Ahhh yes, injuries. (The photo above is WAY prettier than what my foot looks like when it is not injured. I didn't want to scare everyone off on opening photo:))

On August 9th the course of my remaining summer took a turn. I ventured out for a 10 mile run this hot Sunday summer morning. Hurricane Isaias had passed through our area about a week prior and there were many down trees as well as much debris in the road. I had gone running a few times since the hurricane and managed to come home unbroken. However I was about a block from my home and this one uprooted tree (I mean this thing took the sidewalk completely off the earth and was leaning on someone's home. This was only one of many in my town and this particular block didn't have power for about a week. I was just starring at this tree while I was running and didn't see a rather large rock in the road. My right foot came down on it and the rest of my body followed. My ankle hurt but it was actually my left palm and shin that brought me to tears first. I scraped myself up pretty good. Blood was running down my leg and my arm. I know, I paint a beautiful picture. Then it hit me about my ankle and I just started shouting "No, no , no!!!!" Yeah, that brought some attention. A few people were out walking and asked if I was OK. I said thank you that I had my cell phone and I was calling my husband. As mentioned, I wasn't far from home, so Ron came just a few minutes later.

I was in quite a bit of pain, but I honestly didn't think I fractured it. I followed the R.I.C.E. steps like you are supposed to do. I also doubled up on the turmeric since I cannot take Ibuprofen. Monday morning came around and something told me to go to the doctor. Due to pandemic the last thing I wanted to go to was an emergency room. First I called a VERY local foot and ankle doctor. He has RAVE reviews on my town's facebook page on how he opened his office for a child that got hurt during Sunday night basketball game, and I know someone personally that said he opened up his office on New Years. Well, I called him and dialed the number to speak to him. Yep, he answered and when I explained what happened he said I would have to go to emergency room or urgent care. Apparently Sunday evening and New Years Eve are better days to get him in his office than Monday morning. Oh well. No, I will not write any type of poor review on this doctor. I said my peace. I just wish I got the same type of accommodation as all the other folks that recommended him.

Moving on...I called the medical center where I see my GP and endocrinologist. I was on hold for about ten minutes but she got me an appointment with an orthopedic that day! Yes, I drove myself there (it is my right ankle that is hurt) but I really thought it was just sprained. I searched my house for any type of air cast, ankle sling, boot that we may have had from previous injuries with no luck. I thought if nothing else the doctor could provide one of these types of injury supports and send me on my way.

I hobbled my way in REFUSING to take the elevator. I have to take the stairs in my own house so I can take them at the doctor's office. No WAY I am getting on an elevator with anyone during a pandemic. They checked me in, took and X-ray and in came the doctor. I explained everything and said he saw a fracture on my ankle. Honestly, I went sort of blank after that. What I did hear is that I can't drive and it will take 6-8 weeks to heal. Since I haven't been working in a gym or studio I was hoping to take my daughter to my sister's house to go swimming and maybe even the beach. It's been a pretty rotten summer since we just stay home all the time. (I have been really nervous about going in public so we really haven't gone out much. We ordered food in for the FIRST time last week. That is how paranoid we are.)

I came home in tears and cried for several days after that. The bright side is I am NOT on crutches and I can get around rather easily with the boot they provided. (You can see my dog Jackson is very curious about the booth and simply must photobomb almost all my photos) It's not fun to put on and take off, but I will take it over crutches any day! But it is my right foot so no driving. Ugh! I sulked for close to two weeks. I admit. I tried to be positive, but sometimes if you are upset by something, you just have to let yourself be upset. Something my husband still doesn't understand after 18 years, but I have learned to accept that. It's not a fault, he just always wants to fix things, and something you just can't fix it. You just need to cry it out and then your mind is clear to see where to go next.

So what the HECK does this have to do with pilates?I have mentioned a few times on the blog that pilates has a rehabilitation history. That is how it all started. So, I am going to use my knowledge to keep myself as fit as possible for the next several weeks. No running, biking, or even walking long distances, but there is a lot of strength training I can do so my body doesn't go to complete mush.

So, this blog is taking a bit of a turn and I will be posting about how I work around this injury to keep myself fit in mind, body and soul. Off I go!

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