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Pilates State of Mind

Happy Friday! I can't believe school has started already! In my neck of the woods schools begin after the Labor Day holiday.

I chose this topic of pilates state of mind based on what I "hope" will be happening next week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I fractured my ankle in early August. I continued to do strength training as much as I could including upper body and core work. I also used resistance bands for lower body workouts done all on the floor. But, I was so focused on keeping muscle tone while injure that I forgot something very pilates state of mind. When I think of pilates, I don't just think of abs. I think of strengthening AND lengthening ALL muscles. I lost site of the second part and didn't stretch nearly enough.

I was doing a lot of glute and thigh work and add on top of that my funny way of walking, I pulled/strained muscles in my lower back. Since I am wearing a boot, one foot is higher than the other and my gait is definitely off. When I walk down our stairs, the banister is on my left which is good because that is the uninjured side, but it also means I am relying A LOT on the left side of my body. Guess what part of my back hurts? Yup, the left side.

All three gluteal muscles originate at the sacrum (lower back). I have learned that since I run so much I have to stretch this muscle for 30 seconds before and after I run or I start to have some serious back pain. I also should do it before and after any exercise, so I SHOULD have been doing this even though I wasn't doing any high impact and I was keeping the workouts to 20-30 minutes. Let this be a lesson to all my friends out there....STRETCH. I am taking this a sign to slow down and rest up.

Now you can read all sorts of information and opinions on stretching. There are many different thought processes and theories. For example: dynamic versus static? Here's the thing and this is my own opinion. Stretch. Just do it, and do it for at least 20 seconds, 30 if you have the time. Only stretch until you feel the stretch, not pain. If you feel pain, back it up. The other point I would like to make about stretching is to keep it active. Put your mind to the muscle and think about where you want to stretch. Ahhhh, I think I just came up with another blog post. More on that later.

I go back to the doctor next week and fingers crossed I can start physical therapy on my ankle and move on to the next part of healing my ankle. So I have put myself in my "pilates state of mind", which will include STRETCHING AND LENGTHENING!! I would also like to mentioned that I like to say that I "check my ego at the door". Yes, I can apply all my pilates principles to what the physical therapist will say, but I will listen and do what they say for me to do and I bet there will be some stretching....I can't wait to share all the things I learn!

Have a great weekend!

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